Suspended platform

ZLP series Temporarily installed suspended access equipment developed and produced by SUCCESS Company is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly applied to the external wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multi-storey buildings. It can also be applied to elevator installation, large tanks, bridges, dams and other engineering operations.

1. High-rise building: Decoration, construction for external wall, installation of curtain wall and external components, repairing, checking, maintenance and cleaning for external wall.
2. Billboard: installation billboard for high-rise building

To ensure safe operation without danger to personnel, the platform is fitted with the following safety devices:
Service brake incorporated in the LTD hoist.
Two fall arrest devices (Anti-tilt LSF safety lock) acting on the safety wire ropes.
Two upper limit switches.
No power descent in case of power failure. Emergency stop.
Phase controller. (Option)

  1. Standard product or custom
  2. The working height can be adjusted with your need.
  3. The voltage can be adjusted with your need.
  4. Three platform’s materials:aluminum alloy/steel/steel with dipping zinc.
  5. The different variants are to be distinguished by their suspension principles.
  6. Three different stirrups allow to choose the platform the best to your requirements (type of work, type of building, maximum loads, number of persons).

Suspended Platform Accessories

Base Plate of Suspended Platform

Inner of Electric Control Box

Electric Wire Cable

Electric Hoist Motor

Rated load250Kg500Kg630Kg800Kg1000Kg
Lifting speed9-11m/min9-11m/min9-11m/min9-11m/min9-11m/min
Platform Dimension L×W×H(mm)2000×690×11805000×690×11806000×690×11807500×690×11807500×690×1180
Lifting Height100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m
Cable100 m100 m100 m100 m100 m
Steel ropeФ8.3mmФ8.3mmФ8.3mm8.6mmФ8.6mm/9.1mm
Hoist modelLTD8.0Hoist modelLTD6.3LTD6.3LTD8.0
Safety lock Locking Cable Angle3°~8°3°~8°3°~8°3°~8°3°~8°
Suspension mechanism Front beam overhang1.3~1.5m1.3~1.5m1.3~1.5m1.3~1.5m1.3~1.5m
Suspension mechanism Support adjustable height1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m

Electric Cable

Concrete With Steel Cover

Iron Cast

Safety Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Anti Tilt Safety Lock

Front Rails of Suspended Platform

Concrete With Galvanized Cover