safety lock of suspended platform

Safety Lock of Suspended Platform


Safety Lock of Suspended Platform
1.High safety performance
2.High quality materials
3.Cutting-edge technologies

Safety Lock of Suspended Platform

Breif introduction

Safety Lock of Suspended Platform is the pivotal equipment for suspended platform. Our company use anti-tilt or centrifugal type.

Anti-tilt type: The use of advanced technology and processes to ensure that when the wire rope breaking work or work platform tilt 3 ~ 8 degree, the safety lock will lock wire rope, thus avoiding the risk of falling basket.

Centrifugal type: When platform drops due to working wire rope break or other reasons, the safety lock will automatically lock safety wire rope within 100mm. When hoist or motor failure, safety lock can be locked manually.


1. High-rise building: Decoration, construction for external wall, installation of curtain wall and external components, repairing, checking, maintenance and cleaning for external wall

2. Large-scale project: construction, repairing and maintenance for large tank, chimney, dams, bridges, derrick

3. Large ships: welding, cleaning and painting

4. billboard: installation billboard for high-rise building


1. We had already passed the authorization by ISO9001:2008 and CE and established a complete set of quality assurance system.

2. Under such a complete set of quality assurance systems, there is a complete set of regulations for ordering, order handling, quality design, purchasing raw materials, working out production plan, production, test and inspection, packaging, storage, delivering, trace, keep in touch with clients, etc.

3. The CNC control center and PC-based production and marketing system not only improves the working efficiency but also assures the products quality.

4. Our test lines are equipped with a large amount of online test instruments, so that they can ensure and improve the products quality.

5. We also have a complete set of equipment and techniques for testing and controlling the performance of products, which ensures our Safety Lock of Suspended Platform quality to take a leading position among the fellow products at home and reach the international standard.





Structure Type

Anti-tilting type

Centrifugal type

Allowable Load




Allowable Impulsive Force




Wire Rope Locking Distance




Locking Angle



Locking Speed





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