anti-tilting safety lock for zlp suspended working platform

Electric Traction Hoist

Product Description LSF

1.Safety Standard: EN1808
2.The anti-Tilt Fall Arrester is automatically tripped when the angle of the rope or the platform exceeds 3-8°.
3.The integrated clamping jaw mechanism holds the rope and immediately stops the movement of the system.
4.It is designed for long platform with end stirrup.

he main parameters of Anti-Tilt Type Fall Arrester (LSF)
Rated Load630kg800kg1000kg
Wire Rope Diameter8.3mm9.1mm10.2mm
Locking Distance<100mm<100mm<100mm
Cable Locking Angle3°-8°3°-8°3°-8°

Quick Details

Place of Origin: shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number:LSF
Name: Anti-tilting safety lock
Rated load: 630/800/1000KG
Type: Anti-tilting type
Cable Locking Angle: 3-8°

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