safety Lock for Suspended platform steel rope safety Lock

safety Lock for Suspended platform steel rope safety Lock

LSB30 safety lock is a separate mechanical unit that can automatically lock safety wire rope when the working wire rope is broken or suspended platform tilts to its limits.

Parameter – LSB30 Safety Lock

Permissable impact force30KN
Locking distance<100mm
Wire rope diameter8.3mm
Cable locking angle3°~8°

When the leading steel rope appear stuck rope, broken rope, slide out of the hoist or the platform lean, the safety lock will locked the rope tight within 100mm length. When hoist or motor have work problem, can lock the safety steel rope manually.

Parameter – LSB20 Acentric Safety Lock

Permissable impact force20KN
Locking distance≤100mm
Wire rope diameter8.6mm
Wire rope Locking speed1530m/min

Component of the suspended platform

Suspended platform is mainly conmposed by suspension mechanism, hoist, safety lock, electric control box, working platform.

Its structure is reasonable and easy to operate. It can be make-up and break-out according to the actual need. The suspended platform is mainly used for refurbishment, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high construction building

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: success
Model Number: LSB30
Part name:safety Lock for Suspended platform steel rope safety Lock
Keywords: safety lock for rope
Color: Silver
Size: 70mm
Suitable for: Security Storage
Type: Alarm Lock
Application: suspended platform
Certification: ISO9001

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