CE ZLP 630 Electric high quality steel wire rope suspended platform cradle

Product Application

ZLP series Suspended Platform belongs to high-rise working construction machinery, mainly used to install curtain wall, facade cleaning or other works such as plaster pulp, veneer, paint coatings, oil paint, or cleaning and maintenance, etc., can also be used for large tanks, bridges, dams and other construction operations.
Above all. HUIYANG Platform can increase the efficiency greatly, with simple and flexible operation, easy transfer, convenient and practical, safe and reliable.

Working Principle:

The platform is driven by electric hoist and wire rope, running against the building facade while the suspension mechanism was erected on buildings or structures.

1. Working Platform: Material Q235 Steel with Painting; Material Q235 with HDG; Material Aluminum

1.1 Working Platform is the workplace at heights for the workers.
1.2 Size of platform can be adjusted from 1.0m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5 meter or 3m etc depending upon the needs of your building
1.3 With caster wheel fitted underneath, the platform is easy to move.

2. Suspension Mechanism: Surface with Painting or Hot-dipped Galvanized
Suspension mechanism is on the top of the building to suspend the platforms through the steel rope.

Name: Hoist
Model: LTD6.3
Quantity: 2 sets
Lifting Speed 9.3±0.5m/min
Lifting Force: 6.3KN

Name: Motor
Power: 1.5kw*2
Voltage: 3 Phase 380V 50/Hz
Rotational Speed 1420rpm

Name: Safety Lock
Model: LSG20
Quantity: 2 sets
Locking Rope Angle: 3°~8°
Allow impulsive force: 20KN
Steel Wire Diameter: 8.3mm
Weight: 5kgx2
Safety Lock is the protection equipment. When the platform goes acclivitous, or ropes are broken off and falling, the safety locks will lock the wire ropes automatically and quickly to ensure the safety of the operator from falling and inclining.

Name: Electrlic Cotrol Cabinet
Surface HDG With manual Switch
On Electric Control Cabinet,there are 4 buttons and a 220V 50Hz outlet for necessary use.
(Universal Switch, Power Indicator, Start Button and the Emergency Stop Button are in the door board of the cabinet.)

Name: Steel Rope
Quantity: 4pcs Length=100m/pcs;
Diameter=8.3mm Weight:25kgx4
Nylon Safety Rope 1Pcs=100m
Electric Cable: 1Pcs=100m (3×2.0+2×1.0mm2)
Counterweight: (Optional) Cement or Cast Iron

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