zlp 630 8001000 powder coated Building suspended platform

Suspended platform consists if suspension mechanism,hoist,safety lock,electric control box and platform.They have resonable structure and they are easy to operate.According to the actual needs,they are arbitrarily assembled and disassembled.Suspended platfrom applies to exterior wall construction,decoration,cleaning and maintance of high-rise buildings.

There are 5 – 10 People R&D Engineer(s) in our company. R & D is the company’s core departments, shoulder research and development of new products, improve product features task. Workflow R & D center is based on the CMM model trimmed, divided into specific planning, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of five steps. At the end of the planning, design stage, carry out periodic checks at the implementation stage will be three testing and acceptance testing andinspection after each has a separate version that can be run, followed by the test phase; test code coverage, test data coverage When finished, enter the maintenance phase, including products, services and upgrades to further improve customer service, and establish the company’s brand.

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