gearbox for construction lift/building hoist

Gearbox for construction lift_building hoist


Comparing with general worm transmission, Arccolumn worm transmission’s contact linc benefits to dynamic pressure oil mcmbranc’ s generation. During operation, lower oil temperature, stonger anti-aggludination capacity, stablc work, less shake, lower norse, higher transmission efficiency, excellent proccss technology. Arecolumn worm. Transmission is high technology product for widely application which is assigned by State. Arccolumn. Worm speed reducer is substitute designated by Mechanical Bureau. It has got Gb914788series worm red ucer standard. This worm speed reducer could be applied for reduced speed transmission for all different industrics, like: metallurgy. Mine, lifting, chemicals, light industry, construction ctc. It is substitute of the general speed redueers used for above in dustrics. The suitable work temperature is among40℃till+40℃ input speed is less than 1,500 rpm, worm could turn in forward and backward dircctions.


The reducers have the following features because of using plane enveloping worm gear as compared with other kinds of worm transmissions: larger loading capactiy and compact dimension and higher efficiency and smoother and quieter functioning longer service life.
In addition, the housings of these series reducers are made of high-strenghth aluminium alloy. So the reducers make the features of higher strength and lighter weight.
Speed reducer should be installed on a stable place where it’s convenient to fill or drain oil and good air circulation;
The original driver and working machine of speed reducer must be centralized, and the tolerance can’t exceed acceptable data of coupler;
After installation the speed reducer could work flexible when turning by hand, no block.,After installation, speed reducer must have trial run without load before formal use, when the trial running successfully


Speed reducer could be stored indoor for 30 days, fill up speed reducer with recommended lubrication oil, and use bolt to replace acrator. Turn around couple set worm once very 30 days in order to protect oil scaling and bearing. When working, lubrication oil depth should be reduced to the corrct position, and acrator be re-installed. If the speed reducer had been stored indoor over one year or need to be removed to outdoor, machine supplier company should be contacted, and ask for extra user’s manual.
a) If there is no oil inside spced reducer, woum wheel oil of N320 must be filled to correct oil positi on level as regulation before running. Under special ease(if can’t found oil of N320. N320 gear whecl oil be permitted to use also), working load and transmission efficiency of speed reducer dccreasel.
b) N320 worm wheel oil and N320 gear wheel oil can’t be mixed together.
c) Without permission, installed speed redueer can’t be dismanted.
For those who haven’t read our usage menu about how to install, Iubrieate and maintain mahine leading to damage of machine, our company would cancel quality assurance.
This speed reducer’s oil volume as following sheet for reference.

Distance betwcen two shafts(mm)80100125144160200
Oil volumc(L)


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