MBW stepless speed reducer motor for construction hoist gearbox

MBW Stepless Speed Reducer Motor for construction hoist gearbox

MB Series Stepless Reducer

Product Features:

1. MB series variator is a mechanical stepless variator designed by planetary friction transmission principle. convenient maintenance,simple operation.

2. High precision of speed regulation, steady running, large range of speed variation, can be combined with other series reducers.

3. The products have been mainly used in machinery fields such as printing and packaging, foods and beverage, chemical pharmaceutical, leather,shoes,etc.

Model Expression:

Structural Style

Installation Position:

Quick Details

Place of Origin: shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number: MB55,MB75
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: up to 350Nm
Rated Power: 0.12-7.5KW
Input Speed: 1450/960rpm
Output Speed: up to 1000rmp
Planet Wheel Material: Cr15
Planet frame material: Q500
Noise(Max): 60-70(dB)
Regulation times: 5
Colour: Blue,White or Red
Main Unit Weight:110KG
Certificate: CE,UL,ISO

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