Double cabin hoist lifting suspended platform

Rated Capacity(kg)800630500
Lifting Speed(m/min)8-109-119-11
Rated Power(KW)2.2×21.5×21.1×2
Hoist ModelLTD80LTD63LTD50
Safety Lock ModelLSA30LSA30LSA30
Dimension of platform

L x W x H(mm)


suspension mechanism





Quick Details

Product name: Double cabin hoist lifting suspended platform
Material: Steel
Certificate: ISO9001/CE
Surface Treatment: HDG
Color: Customized
Type: Suspended Working Platform Equipment
Application: Building Facade Cleaning
Voltage: 220V/380v/415V/50hz
Keyword: High Altitude Working
Name: Swing Stage

Major component scrapping standards

Suspended Working Platform main force attachments: When the suspension mechanism or suspension platform appears as follows, it should be scrapped.

1. After the overall instability, it must not be repaired and must be scrapped.

2. When permanent deformation is generated and cannot be repaired, it must be scrapped.

3. When some components are permanently deformed and cannot be repaired and the surface corrosion or wear depth exceeds 10% of the original component, the corresponding components should be scrapped.

4. When cracks occur in structural parts and welds, according to the stress situation and crack conditions, after repairing or taking reinforcement measures, the original design requirements can be met, and repairs must be taken to strengthen the measures before they can continue to be used. Otherwise, they should be scrapped.

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