100m steel wire rope, aluminum 800kg ZLP 800 Aerial suspended platform with hot galvanized

Quick Details

Model Number: ZLP800
Lift Mechanism: Lift Chain
Lift Drive / Actuation: Electric Motor
Power: 2*1.8kw
Rated Loading Capacity: 800kg
Min. Lifting Height: 20m
Max. Lifting Height: 200m
Table Size: 0.69m*7.5m
Overall Dimensions: 0.69m*7.5m
Weight: 800kg
Certification: CE ISO9001
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Product name: ZLP suspended platform
Keywords: 800kg suspended platform
Color: Customers’ Requirements
Wire rope: 4*31w+NF-8.3
Hoister: LTD80
Platform: 0.69m*7.5m
Safety lock: anti-tilted
Rated load: 800kg
Working height: 100m
Voltage: 220/380V 50/60hz

What are the main safety facilities for the Suspended Working Platform equipment?

A. LSB swing arm type safety lock; can lock the safety wire rope when the working platform tilt angle is greater than 3-8° or the working wire rope is broken;

B. Manual release: It can be smoothly lowered when power supply is lost, such as power failure, to ensure that the operator reaches the ground safely;

C. Speed limit protection: when the descending speed exceeds the defined safe speed, the centrifugal deceleration device is activated to slow down the down speed;

D. Limit protection: automatically cut off the power supply when the basket equipment exceeds the manually set maximum limit, and activate the alarm bell;

E. Electrical overload protection: If the motor is abnormal or the circuit is abnormal and the motor is overloaded, disconnect the control circuit of the contactor to disconnect the main circuit.

F. Leakage protection: The operator automatically closes the total circuit when the operator accidentally charges the electric body and leaks;

G. Emergency stop: cut off the main control loop in case of sudden abnormality (such as automatic rise or fall).

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