tower crane mast section/anchor

Tower crane mast section_anchor


Mast section is composed of standard jointswhich are formed by group welded of angle steels with the structure of long square space trusses.


Dimension ofmastsection:
1.5m*1.5m*2.2m for QTZ50 4808/4810/5008;
1.606*1.606*2.5 for QTZ63 TC5012;
1615m*1.615m*2.5m for QTZ60 TC5010/QTZ63 TC5010;
1.68m*1.68m*2.5m for QTZ63 TC5013;
1.8m*1.8m*2.8m for QTZ63 TC5610/QTZ80 TC6010;
1.835m*1.835m*2.5m for QTZ80 TC5513/QTZ100 TC6010/QTZ125 TC6515;
2.0m*2.0m*3m for QTZ315 TC7040 tower crane;

Item parameters
1Max. load5t
2Jib length50m
3Tip load1.0t
4Free standing height40 m
5Max. height150m
6Size of mast section1.6×1.6×2.5
7Material of mast section∠125×125×10 buckled square steel stiffened plate


Automatic impeller blasting and spraying assembly line;
The company adopts the world first-class automatic spraying assembly line;
The large structure parts are dealt with impeller blasting before spraying;
That effectively removes steel surface oxides and welding spatters, eliminates the internal stress in welding process, increases the parts’ anti-fatigue strength
and steel surface hardness, and increases painting adhesion;
so that it prolongs the service life of the product, maximizes efficiency, and saves energy.


Mast section is composed of standard joints which are formed by group welded of angle steels with the structure of long square space trusses.
Every two standard joints of tower body are connected firmly by Level 10.9 M27 high-strength bolts and screws. Inside each standard joint there is a ladder with the same length so as to facilitate manipulation and maintenance personnel getting on and off tower crane.
There is one rest platform every three joints. All standard joints have interchangeability. By changing the number of tower body standard joints installed, the crane will reach different lifting heights.
Two groovy footsteps are welded respectively on two main chords on the same side of standard joints. This position of main chords has been strengthened.
While doing jack-up work, with the expansion of jack-up cylinder, shaft heads at two ends of jack-up beams and climbing claws of jack-up set frame fall into the footstep groove successively according to the procedure, so as to make jack-up set frame elevate vertically along with tower body.

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