rope suspended platform zip630 zip800

100m 200m Hire Temporary Suspended Platform

Product Introduction

(1) Platform
Platform is the working place, consist of high balustrade, low balustrade, bottom plate,

hoist mounting deck connected with bolt.
(2) Hoist mechanism
Hoist is the motor of suspended platform, adopted electric climbing principle.
Hoist is driven by electric regenerative braking and three phase asynchronous motor,

starting through turbine & worm and gear reducer, with steel rope climbing, hoist works

up and down following the rope, so keep the platform up and down.
(3) Safety lock
Safety lock is the protection equipment. When the platform goes acclivitous, or ropes

are broken off and falling, the safety locks will lock the wire ropes automatically and

quickly to ensure the safety of the operator from falling and inclining. The safety lock is

of swinging type.
(4) Suspension mechanism
Suspension mechanism is on the top of the building to suspend the platforms through

the steel rope.
(5) Electrical control system
Electrical Control System is used to control the movement of platforms, and the main

elements are fixed in insulated board, Universal Switch,Power Indicator, Start Button

and the Emergency Stop Button are in the door board of the box.

Main Parameter:

NameTechnical parameter
Rated load800Kg630Kg
Lifting speed8-10m/min8-10m/min
Platform Dimension L×W×H(mm)

Spray plastics corrosion-resistant

Lifting Height100 m100 m
Cable100 m100 m
Steel rope (specially-made)9.1mm8.3mm
HoistPulling power7.84KN6.17KN
electric motormodelYEJ100L-4YEJ90L-4
Voltage380V 50Hz380V 50Hz
Rotational speed1420rpm1420rpm
Braking moment15Nm15Nm
Safety lockPermission force of impact30KN30KN
Locking Cable Angle3°~8°3°~8°
Suspension mechanism

(Galvanized )

Front beam overhang1.3~1.5m1.3~1.5m
Support adjustable height1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m
20’ft container8sets9sets
40’ft container13sets14sets


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