electric wire rope traction 2.kw LTD80 hoist motor for rope suspended platform ZLP800

Electric wire rope traction 2.kw LTD80 hoist motor for rope suspended platform ZLP800

ZLP suspended platform provide safer, easier and more efficient work platforms for your

workers. They are ideal for plaster, painting, repairing, decoration, cleaning, elevator installing,

loading heavy row materials to higher grounds, etc. It is also widely used in the construction

works of big-size tank, bridge, dam and chimney.
Our suspended platform machinery helps improve working efficiency, and fast construction

at reduced cost. Along with standard platforms we also manufacture Special Suspended

Working Platforms with 90°, 45° and Circular shapes. We can also manufacture platforms

as per client’s specific requirements.

Suspended platforms are designed and constructed in modular form so it can be mounted

in any size from 1-8 meters.

The connection of the individual parts of the structure in each unit is made with nuts and


The suspended platform is equipped with wheels for easy movement around the construction


steel temporary gondola / hoist suspended platform / aluminum cradle machine


ItemZLP630 suspended platformZLP800 suspended platform
Rated load630kg800kg
Lifting speed~9.5m/min~8.5m/min
Platform size (length×width×height)(2000*3)*690*1180mm(2500*3)*


Suspension mechanismFront beam extension1.1m-1.5m
Height adjustment1.45m-1.75m
HoistTypeLTD63 hoistLTD80  hoist
Braking torque15N·m15N·m
Safety lockTypeLS30
Angle of tilted locking rope3°—8°
Allowable impact force30kN
WeightWorking platform300kg370kg
Safety lock5.5kg×25.5kg×2
Suspension mechanism320kg (without

counter weight)

320kg without

counter weight)

Electricity box18kg18kg
Total weight812kg872kg
Counter weight1000kg (25×40pieces)1000kg (25×40pieces)
Wire ropeType4×31SW+FC-8.3  broken

pulling force≥53500N

4×31SW+FC-8.6 broken

pulling force≥62500N

CableType3×2.5+2×1.5YC-5 (one piece)


1. One year warranty for the whole Aluminum cradle platform / wire rope hoist gondola

/ construction building lift, six years warranty for the gear of hoist motor.

2.If there are any problems in installation, our professional technical team can suppy you

with on-line guidance, if your quantity is large, we can go to your country for installation.

3.When then components go wrong, new spare parts will be sent to you asap, if no stock,

the components will be produced in the shortest time.


1. All of the components like hoist motor, safety lock, control box are produced by ourself,

so that quality, delivery and services are very competitive.

2. As a suspended platform factory, the cost of the gondola can be controlled very well, you

can get a more competitive price.

3.Once there are any problems, components can be replaced more quickly than trading

compay,as there are stocks in our factory.

Quick Details

Place of Origin: shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number: 630kg,800kg,1000kg
working platform: hot galvanized
suspended platform: ZLP630
Working speed: ~9.5m/min
Platform size: (2000*3)*690*1180mm
Motor: 1.5k*2 hoist motor
Hoist: LTD63
Safety lock: LS30
Counter weight: 1000kgs
Wire rope: 8.3mm
Weight: 800-900kg

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