Competitive Price Suspended Platform

Steel Suspended Platform

Steel structure, anti-corrosion surface with powder painting which is more effective, economic and artistic than paint spraying. The color is alternative according to personal requirement.

Quick Details

Model Number: ZLP
Name: Suspended Platform
Color: optional
Power supply (V): 220,380,415,440
Safety Device: 7 item
Material: Steel or aluminum
Surface treatment: Paint spraying or hot-dip galvanizing
Free Part: supply
steel rope: hot-dip galvanizing
Hoist: Made of die-casting aluminum
Certificate: CE,ISO9001-2008

Our team have more than 8 years experience on this line of bussiness. Our products mainly include suspended platform, and spare parts for construction hoist, We can produce products according to customers’ special requirements. we believe we can provide innovative answers for our customers around the world.

Installation, adjustment and precautions for the suspension mechanism

1. When installing the ground, the horizontal plane should be selected. When there is a slope, it should be reliably leveled under the angle wheel. If the installation surface is waterproof and insulated, it should be padded 2.5~3 cm thick under the front and rear seats to prevent crushing. Waterproof insulation level.

2. The height of the adjustable support bracket should be such that the lower side of the front beam is slightly higher than the height of the parapet (or other obstacles). If possible, after the suspension mechanism is positioned, the lower side of the front beam is extended. The daughter’s wall is fixed with wooden blocks.

3. The rated extension range of the overhanging end of the front beam is 0.3~1.5 meters. When the rated overhang is exceeded, reliable reinforcement measures and rated working loads must be taken and confirmed by the responsible department before use.

4. The distance between the front and rear seats should be adjusted to the maximum distance as far as possible under the conditions of the site.

5. The distance between the two brackets should be adjusted to a distance of 3 to 5 cm less than the length of the suspension platform.

6. When tightening the steel wire rope, the front beam should be slightly upturned by 3~5 cm to produce prestress and improve the rigidity of the front beam.

7. When the wire rope is clamped, the number of rope clamps is not less than three, and the U-shaped opening and the tail end of the steel wire rope are opposite to each other, and the directions are the same. The rope clamps shall be clamped in order from the lifting point, and between the last rope clamp and the previous rope clamp, the rope shall be slightly arched. When the rope clamp nut is tightened, the wire rope should be flattened to 1/2 to 1/3 diameter.

8. When laying the wire rope, the wire rope free disk should be placed on the floor. The rope head should be carefully pulled out and then slowly slide down along the front. It is strictly forbidden to throw the wire rope down into the disk. After the wire rope is finished, the entangled rope should be carefully pressed separately. The excess wire rope on the ground should be carefully packed tightly, and the ground should not be arbitrarily scattered.

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