Hydraulická zvedací plošina/elektrický nůžkový zvedák se schválením CE

Elektrické nůžkové zvedáky mají delší dobu chodu než zvedáky poháněné motorem a podporují tišší pracovní prostředí, díky čemuž jsou ideální pro vnitřní práce

Electric Scissor Lifts
Electric scissor lifts have longer runtimes than engine powered lifts and they promote quieter working environments—making them ideal for indoor jobs. The electric drive delivers more than double the battery life of hydraulic-drive machines and produces zero emissions. Our scissor lifts are available with various working heights and platform capacities
1.Products advantages
Self propelled Scissor Lifts does not need any outriggers, one man operates on the working platformMoving forward,turning around and lifting up are easily operated.Short chargeable time and long dural time of the battery.Easily moved, spacious working platforms, smooth working condition and high working efficiency
2.Moving method
The chargeable battery provides the power to move and steer around.
3. Lifting Power
The chargeable battery provides the power to raise up the lift platforms.Working heights rangs from 4m,6m,8m,9m,10m,12m,14m.
4. Applications
It is widely used for aerial installation and maintenance of the working sites without power supply and with smooth working grounds, such as hotels, grand hall, sport stadium, large factory, warehouse, granary,bus/railway stations, hotels,airports, gas station and aerial pipeline.