Машина за повдигане на открито 500 кг 30 метра с 220 V 200 кг микро електрически подемник кран подемна машина домакинска декорация малък кран

Преносими мини кранове и оборудване за повдигане на материали, което рационализира производителността с възвръщаемост на инвестицията и ефективност на разходите. Работете на покриви или от пода до пода


Product characteristics:
1. Alloy steel bracket, seamless welding, durable
2. Motor, full copper motor, fast heat dissipation and long life.
3. Flange, thickened flange plate, solid and reliable.
4. Rotating shaft, double bearing 360 degree rotation.

portable cranes are made to lift, drop, drag, pull, tug, transport, carry, stack, move, hold and set loads and heavy materials in any situation in interior or exterior of buildings, or on top of roofs. 24v battery power or electric models. Small enough to fit inside a three foot residential doorway opening, travel up inside an elevator, narrow aisle, hallway, stairwell or back of a truck, this vertical lifting mobile mini crane allows rigging in tight spaces, restricted access and hard to reach areas or over and around obstacles. Save money compared to large crane rentals. The M1 Global Model has dual batteries with a weatherproof on-board charger and a hydraulic boom, allowing full mobility and easy transport when folded in and compact.

portable mini cranes and material lifting equipment that streamlines productivity with a return on investment and cost efficiency in mind. Work on rooftops or floor to floor. We offer mobile hoists/mini crane models each using a patented counter weight system, outrigger system and compact footprint allowing the cranes to fit through doorways/inside elevators, breaks down to move up staircases, in tight spaces and be transported via elevator, truck or van. The patented base structure folds out easily to function as a stationary floor or mini roof crane, but is designed to safely pick and carry loads. Eco-friendly: zero