zlp 630 series operation platform/electric suspended platform

zlp 630 series operation platformelectric suspended platform

zlp 630 series operation platform/electric suspended platform

Suspended Platform is the construction machinery of aerial work in construction engineering. It acts on the curtain wall installation and the outer wall cleaning. The hanging basket is a new type of height working equipment which can replace the traditional scaffold, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency and can be reused. The use of construction basket has gradually become a trend in high-rise building construction, installation, maintenance and construction of curtain wall insulation cleaning exterior wall has been widely recognized by higher operation, and can be used for large tanks, bridges and dams and other operations. Use this product to avoid scaffolding. zlp 630 series operation platform/electric suspended platform.The construction cost is reduced, the construction cost is 28% of the traditional scaffold, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. The hanging basket is flexible in operation, easy to shift, convenient and practical, safe and reliable. There are as many as more than 400 manufacturers in our country.

Specifications and classification

According to the difficulty of construction and construction in different locations can produce the chimney with ring basket, ship hanging basket, basket, bridge detection furnace with super lift basket, basket, basket sliding rail type installation and other kinds of non-standard basket, according to the material can be divided into steel electric basket, Aluminum Alloy electric car, according to the power source of the lifting of the divided into manual and electric basket basket.

zlp 630 series operation platform/electric suspended platform
Property         Model No.ZLP500ZLP630ZLP800ZLP1000
Rated load( kg )5006308001000
Lifting speed( m/min )9~ 119~ 118~ 108~10
Motor power( kw )2× 1.5   50HZ/60HZ2× 1.5   50HZ/60HZ2× 1.8   50HZ/60HZ2× 3
Brake torque( Km )16161616
Steel rope angle adjusting range(° )3° -  8 °3° -  8 °3° -  8 °3° -  8 °
Distance between two steel rope( mm )≤ 100≤ 100≤ 100≤ 100
Rated stretch of front beam( mm )1500150015001500
Suspending platformLockingAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloy
Nr.Of platform rackSingle rackSingle rackSingle rackSingle rack
Nr.Of platform2333
L× W × H ( mm )(2000× 2) × 690 × 1180(2000× 3) × 690 × 1180(2500× 3) × 690 × 1180(2500× 3) × 690 × 1180
Weight( kg )350 Kg375 Kg410 Kg455kg
Suspending mechanism(kg)2× 175 Kg2× 175 Kg2× 175 Kg2× 175 Kg
Counterweight(kg) optional25× 30pcs25× 36pcs25× 40pcs25× 44pcs
Diameter of steel rope(mm)
Max Lifting height(m)300300300300
Motor rotation speed(r/min)1420142014201420
Voltage(v) 3PHASES220V/380V/415V220V/380V/415V220V/380V/415V220V/380V/415V


(I) suspension platform;
The suspension platform is the construction site for the construction personnel. He is composed of four parts: the high and low railings, the basket bottom and the hoist mounting frame.

(two) hoist;
Hoist is a power component of suspension platform, and electric climbing structure is adopted.The hoist is driven by an electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor. After the worm gear and a pair of gears are decelerated, the hoist drives the wire rope conveyor to make the hoist along The work rope moves up and down so as to drive the suspension platform up or down.

(three) safety lock;
Safety lock is the protection device of suspension platform, when the wire rope suddenly broken or suspended platform is inclined to a certain angle, can automatically Secure the secure wire rope securely to ensure that the suspension platform does not fall or continue to tilt.

(four) suspension structure.
A suspension mechanism is a device that is mounted on top of a building and suspended from a suspension platform by means of a wire rope.

(five) electric control box;
The electric control box is used to control the movement of the suspension platform. The main components are mounted on an insulation board, a universal switch and a power indicator,Start button and emergency stop button device box door plate.

Applications (zlp 630 series operation platform/electric suspended platform)

1. High-rise building: Decoration, construction for external wall, installation of curtain wall and external components, repairing, checking, maintenance and cleaning for external wall

2. Large-scale project: construction, repairing and maintenance for large tank, chimney, dams, bridges, derrick

3. Large ships: welding, cleaning and painting

4. billboard: installation billboard for high-rise building

The main purposes of the suspended platform are:

1. Exterior wall construction and decoration of high-rise building, installation of panel wall and structural members of exterior wall.

2. Repair, maintenance and cleansing of exterior wall of high-rise building.

3. Construction, inspection, repair and maintenance of large project, for instance: chimney, dam, bridge and head frame.

4. Welding, cleansing and oil-painting of large ship.

5. Fabrication and installation of bulletin board on buildings at heights.


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zlp 630 series operation platform/electric suspended platform

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number: ZLP500/630/800/1000, zlp500~1000
Rated speed: 9m/min
Material: Steel,Aluminum alloy,Galvanized steel
Voltage: 380V/50HZ,220V/50HZ
Rated Power(kw): 1.8*2
Color: Silver / Red / Yellow,according to your requirement
Length of platform: 1M-10M ( according to requirment)
Counter weight: 1000kg
Safety lock: RB-A30
Name: zlp 630 series operation platfo