Hoist safety device(SAJ)/Construction elevator safety brake
Construction hoist anti-fall safety devices,Anti Falling Safety Device SAJ30-1.2 is one typical model of building hoist gear cone drum progressive anti-falling safety device, and is designed for prevent building hoist cages or counterweight from falling. It is made up of gear, centrifugal speed limiter device, cone drum and brake device.construction hoist safety devices,anti-fall safety device,elevator safety devices


SAJ02-1.2 and SAJ08-1.2 hoist safety device mainly used in small rack and pinion hoist ,such as wind power tower hoist ; SAJ30-0.5is used in ultra-low speed of hoist ,such as lifting platforms;Customers can choose the type of hoist safety devices according to hoist rated lifting speed and load.Tripping Speed of hoist safety devices is no more than 0.4m/s of the hoist’s rated speed.
The production of this product conforms to EN12159, EN12158, EN1495, GB26557-2011, and JG121-2000.