mobile window cleaning suspended platform aerial lift work scaffolding

Mobile Window cleaning Suspended Platform Aerial Lift Work Scaffolding

Mobile Window cleaning Suspended Platform Aerial Lift Work Scaffolding


The suspended platform is a machine that can make the platform up and down along the building

vertical plane drived by the electromotor.

The suspended platform is used for exterior construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high rise building, and is also ideal for applications such as the welding of seagoing ship in shipbuilding industry , cleaning of oil based paint, installation of elevators, big-size tanks and high chimneys,construction of reservoir dams, and inspection, cleaning and repair of bridges, and so on .

The suspended platform is a substitute of traditional scaffold, it has the characters of easy

operation,easy shifting , convenience , practicality and safety , and widely usage can greatly reduce

the labor intensity and so improve work efficiency.

Rating Load800kg
Lifting Speed9-11m/min
Suspended platform measurement (L x W(2.5mx3)×0.7m
Steel Wire Rope4×31SW+FC-8.3







Rope structure type“α”type
Rated lifting power  8KN




Brake Torque15.2Nm
Safety Lock


TypeSwing-arm anti-incline

 Suspension mechanism


QuantityTwo sets
Adjustable highness1.05-1.60m
The reached length fore girder0.7~1.7(should reduce rated load when reach 1.5m  and above)




Suspended platform(not include lifting, lock and electromotor370kg(steel)
Suspension Mechanism2×110kg

Whole machine


Normal wokring environment 

Surrounding Temperature -20℃~+40℃

Relative humidity≤ 90% (25℃)

Rating Voltage deviation: ±5%

Flurry wind power≤8.3m/s(about 5-degree wind power)

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number: ZLP800
Rating Load: 800kg
Lifting Speed: 9-11m/min
Steel Wire Rope: 4*31SW+FC-8.3
Rated lifting power: 8KN
Type: Swing-arm anti-incline
Adjustable highness: 1.05-1.60m
Suspension Mechanism: 2*110kg
Counter-weight: 1000kg
Whole machine: 1900kg(steel)
Suspended platform: 370kg(steel)


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