mobile aerial platform powered suspended platform electric scaffolding platform

Mobile aerial platform Powered Suspended Platform Electric Scaffolding Platform

Product Application

Mobile aerial platform Powered Suspended Platform Electric Scaffolding Platform
electric construction cradle/china hoist gondola/suspended gondola boat

It is a type of suspended powered platform,suspended platform belongs to electrical-driven climbing and decorating machinery. maily powered for the high-rise building facade cleaning, painting and plastering etc. construction working. Also can be applied to operating of big vessels and bridges,dams,etc. Durable and safe, this temporary suspended platform plays an important role in the aerial construction working.

Suspended platform
Rate load
Lifting speed
Painted or galvanized aluminum alloy
Suspension mechanism
2 sets, 1.15-1.75 m height adjustment
Hoisting mechanism
"A" type
Safety lock
Swing arm anti-tilt, LSF30
silvery white, yellow, red etc.
Steel wire rope
8.3-9.1mm  Diameter
Balance weight
Cement/Cement with steel cover/Cast iron
Normal working environment of hanging basket
Ambient temperature -20 °c -40 °c
Environmental relative humidity ≤ 90 ~ 25 °c)
Power supply voltage deviation rating ±5%
Gusts at work ≤ 8.3 m / s (equivalent to 5)

Brief description:

1. Model: ZLP800
2. Size: (2.5m+2m+1.5m)x0.69m
3. Material: Galvanized aluminum alloy
4. Certification: ISO9001

Main Features

1) Applying this suspended platform can release scaffold free

2)reduce the construction cost and the efficiency will be greatly increased

3) meanwhile the gondola is simple, flexible, easy to operate, safe and reliable.


Suspended platform consists of suspension mechanism, suspended cradle, lifting machine, security lock, electrical control cabinet, steel rope and other components. Mainly used in high-rise buildings and multi-storey building facade construction, decoration (eg plaster slurry, paste the wall, paint brush) and glass curtain wall installation, cleaning and other engineering work, can also be used in ship building, as well as the installation of elevator depots, large tanks, tall chimneys, bridges and dam inspection, maintenance and other operations construction, simple operation, easy to shift, convenient and practical, safe and reliable.

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number: ZLP800 suspended platform
Lift machanism: Lift Chain
Lift Drive/Act: Electric Motor
power: Optional
rated loading: 800kgs
Min lifting height: 0.9m
max lifting height: 200m
table size: 2.3x0.9
overall dimension:2.3x0.9x2.1m
weight: 800kgs