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Construción de éxito de Shanghai International Trade Co, Ltd
As a professional construction machinery manufacturer and supplier, we offer most reliable products and excellent service to our customers. We have been experiencing fast growth with the rapid development of Chinese economy. Our products are currently exported to Our products are mainly exported to Dominican Republic, Maldives, India, Malaysia, Italy, the USA, Spain, Turkey and South Africa….

Our team have more than 8 years experience on this line of bussiness. Our products mainly include suspended platform, and spare parts for construction hoist, We can produce products according to customers’ special requirements. cremos que podemos proporcionar respostas innovadoras para os nosos clientes en todo o mundo.

A calidade é e a seguridade é a nosa cultura. A nosa máquina de construción. son estrictamente inspeccionados antes da entrega. A teoría avanzada da construción da cultura empresarial, para fomentar a moral social dos empregados, a ética profesional e as virtudes da familia, mellorar a súa visibilidade, o grao de civilización, a reputación, mellorar a cohesión, a competitividade, a produtividade para o efecto. características da construción da cultura da empresa, promover o espírito empresarial, practicar valores corporativos, estratexia e persoal de desenvolvemento empresarial para acadar a visión dunha unidade orgánica, o concepto de operador de harmonía eo concepto de empregados, o mundo interno dos empregados sincronizado co ambiente externo mellorado, construíndo unha empresa harmoniosa.
sobre nós
There are 5 – 10 People R&D Engineer(s) in our company. R & D is the company’s core departments, shoulder research and development of new products, improve product features task. Workflow R & D center is based on the CMM model trimmed, divided into specific planning, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of five steps. At the end of the planning, design stage, carry out periodic checks at the implementation stage will be three testing and acceptance testing andinspection after each has a separate version that can be run, followed by the test phase; test code coverage, test data coverage When finished, enter the maintenance phase, including products, services and upgrades to further improve customer service, and establish the company’s brand.

Calquera cousa necesita o noso asisstant non dubide en contactar connosco. Correo electrónico: [email protected]

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