galvanized steel suspended working platform / cradle / swing stages

Galvanized Steel Suspended Working Platform / Cradle / Swing Stages

Galvanized Steel Suspended Working Platform / Cradle / Swing Stages

Galvanized steel zlp 1000 suspended platform/ cradle/ swing stages

1. suspended platform is mainly composed by suspension mechanism,hoist,safety lock,electric control box,working platform.Its structure is reasonable and easy to operate.It can be assembly and disassembly accroding to the actual needs.The suspended platform is mainly used for refurbishment,decoration,cleaning and maintenance of high construction building.

Rated load1000kg
Lifting speed9.3 m/,om
Sized of platformL+W+H=(2500*3)+690+1300 mm
Suspension mechanism2*175 kg
Brake torque16kn
Motor power2*2.2 kw
Motor rotation speed1420 r/min
Diameter of steel wire9.1 mm
Counter weight44*25kg

2. suspended platform accessories

1) Platform System products including : Aluminum Suspended Platforms,Steel Suspended Platforms.

2) Logistic&Storage System products including: Wire Mesh Cage, Roll Cage and Metal Pallet.

Our company employs experienced technical and management personnel,we have imported 6 sets of OCT robot welding equipment from Japan,giving our company good technical capabilities.

Our products mainly export to Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, North America,etc.

Detailed Product Description

Rated Load: 1000kg
Lifting Speed: 9.3 M/,om
Sized Of Platform: L+W+H=(2500*3)+690+1300 Mm
Suspension Mechanism: 2*175 Kg
Brake Torque: 16kn
Motor Power: 2*2.2 Kw
Motor Rotation Speed: 1420 R/min
Diameter Of Steel Wire: 9.1 Mm
Counter Weight: 44*25kg

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