china ZLP series affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms

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Product Description

Application of Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms

Our electric Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms is an aerial working construction machinery used for curtain wall installing and exterior wall cleaning. This product is suitable for plastering, veneering, painting, cleaning and maintenance of tall buildings and can also be applied in the construction projects of large tanks, bridges, dams, etc. As a replacement for traditional scaffold, our Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms which can be used repeatedly helps reduce labor intensity, increase working efficiency and lower construction cost. Using our product in construction, the cost is 28% of that using traditional scaffold. This Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms features flexible operation, easy movement, utility and safety.

   Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms

NameTechnical parameter


Rated load (kg)5006308001000
Lifting speed (m/min)
Platform dimensions (mm)5000(2+3m)×720
Lifting height (m)100100100100
Cable (m)100100100100
Steel rope (mm)
Safety lockAllowable impulsive force (kN)30303030
Cable locking angle3°~8°3°~8°3°~8°3°~8°
Suspension mechanism(
Front beam overhang (m)1.3~1.51.3~1.51.3~1.51.3~1.5
Adjustable height (m)1.44~2.141.44~2.141.44~2.141.44~2.14
Counterweight (kg)80080010001200
20ft container (set)10988
The products could be personal designed if customers have any other requirements.


Safety Device of Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms

1. Safety lock and the safety steel rope: On each side of the Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms there are a safety lock and a piece of safety steel rope. If the working steel rope breaks or one side of the platform is tilting, the safety lock will lock the safety steel rope to prevent the platform from descending. (Centrifugal safety lock is optional.)
2. Safety rope: The safety rope, also called life rope, is made from high strength filament and is 18mm in diameter. When the suspended working platforms rapidly falls due to a fault, the safety rope will tighten to prevent the construction workers from falling.
3. Limit flange: This device will prevent the Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms from dashing out when it lifts to the highest level.
4. Electromagnetic braking device of the hoist: It will keep the working platform suspended when the electric circuits break down or power supply is cut off.
5. Centrifugal speed limiting device: This device ensures the suspended working platforms descending speed not higher than 1.5 times of the rated lifting speed, keeping the platform more stable.
6. Manual hoist lowering device: In case that power failure or electrical failure happens, users can make the Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms descend and send the workers back to the ground safely using this device.
7. Electrical emergency stop button: Press this button, the main power and control power will be turned off to stop the movement of the platform.

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number: ZLP
Name: Affordable ZLP800 suspended working platforms
Color: optional
Power supply (V): 220,380,415,440
Safety Device: 7 item
Material: Steel or aluminum
Surface treatment: Paint spraying or hot-dip galvanizing
Free Part: supply
steel rope: hot-dip galvanizing
Hoist: Made of die-casting aluminum
Certificate: CE,ISO9001-2008