zlp630 high-rise building cleaning aluminum suspended platform

ZLP630 high-rise building cleaning aluminum suspended platform

ZLP630 high-rise building cleaning aluminum suspended platform

Product Description

Suspended platform is mainly composed by suspension mechanism,hoist,safety lock,electric control box,working platform.Its structure is reasonable and easy to operate.It can be assembly and disassembly accroding to the actual needs.The suspended platform is mainly used for refurbishment,decoration,cleaning and maintenance of high construction building.

The electric Suspended platform is mainly used in the following aspects:

1.exterior maintenance and cleaning of high-rise buildings.

2.construction inspection and maintenance of big-size tanks,chimneys ,dams, bridges and derricks.

3.welding, cleaning and painting of big-size ship.

It is easy to operation,flexible for moving,reliable in safety.It can take the place of construction scaffolding,improve the efficiency and save cost.

NameTechnical parameter
Rated load500Kg630Kg800Kg1000Kg
Lifting speed9.3m/min9.3m/min9m/min9m/min
Platform Dimension L×W×H(mm)(2.5m*3)*0.69m*1.18m(2m*3)*0.69m*1.18m(2.5m*3)*0.69m*1.18m(2.5m*4)*0.69m*1.18m
Lifting Height100 m/328ft100 m/328ft100 m/328ft100 m/328ft
Cable100 m/328ft100 m/328ft100 m/328ft100 m/328ft
Steel ropedia8.3mm     4*31SW+FC-8.3dia8.3mm     4*31SW+FC-8.3dia8.3/8.6mm 4*31SW+FC-8.3/8.6dia8.3/8.6mm 4*31SW+FC-8.3/8.6
Safety lockPermission force of impactLSB30:30KN/LSD20:20KNLSB30:30KN/LSD20:20KNLSB30:30KN/LSD20:20KNLSB30:30KN/LSD20:20KN
Locking Cable Angle3°~8°3°~8°3°~8°3°~8°
Suspension mechanismFront beam overhang1.15-1.7m/3.8-5.6ft1.15-1.7m/3.8-5.6ft1.15-1.7m/3.8-5.6ft1.15-1.7m/3.8-5.6ft
Working height0-200m/0-656ft0-200m/0-656ft0-200m/0-656ft0-200m/0-656ft

Structure Detail

Main Products

1) Platform System products including : Aluminum Suspended Platform,Steel Suspended Platform,Spare Part.

2) Logistic&Storage System products including: Wire Mesh Cage, Roll Cage and Metal Pallet.

Our products mainly export to Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, North Africa,etc.

And our annual production capability is 2000 sets with scaffolding system and 1500 tons of storage system.

Packaging & Shipping

1.Experienced packer and technician3.Long-term cooperative freight forwarding and shipping company
2.Standard rack4.We ensure your goods can be delivered safety

Quick Details

Type: aluminum suspended platform, Aluminum Suspended/Suspended working platform
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Material: Galvanized Steel or Aluminum
Surface Treatment: Galvanized;H.D.G or plastic spraying
Lift Drive/Actuation: Electric Motor
Lifting Speed: 9.3M/min
Color: Blue, orange, red, silver or customized
Platform Length: 2m-12m
Function/Usage: People’s High Rise Building Main Construction
OEM service:Accept

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