zlp 630 800 1000 zlp630 zlp800 zlp1000 aluminum galvanized steel scaffold suspended platform for building window glass cleaning

ZLP 630 800 1000 ZLP630 ZLP800 ZLP1000 Aluminum galvanized steel scaffold Suspended Platform for building window glass cleaning

Product Description

A.Description of ZLP800 construction gondola hoist,gondola boat

Suspended platform is the latest products developed by RUIBIAO,with the features like more stable than elevator when start/stop,which greatly enhance the security and the service life of hoist and steel wire rope.The product has won the National hightech patent certificate.

ZLP Suspended Platform is a new decorating machinery, which can replace the traditional scaffold and is mainly used in decorating, cleaning and maintenance of external walls of high buildings, such as cement coating, wall brick coating, painting, glass installing, ship building and repairing, big vessels, bridges, dams, chimneys, etc. Using Balance suspended platform can reduce work intensity and raise work efficiency.

B.Parameter of the suspended platform

NameTechnical parameter of  construction platform
Rated load500KG630KG800KG1000KG
Lifting speed8-10m/min8-10m/min8-10m/min8-10m/min
Platform Dimension L×W×H(mm)5000(2+3m)×7206000(1+2+3m)×7207500(2.5m*3)×7207500(3*2.5)×720
Lifting Height100M100M100M100M
Steel ropeDia:8.3mmDia:8.3mmDia:9.1mmDia:8.6mm
Safety lockPermission force of30KN30KN30KN30KN
Suspension mechanismFront beam overhang1.3~.1.5m1.3~.1.5m1.3~.1.5m1.3~.1.5m
GalvanizedSupport adjustable height1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m
20’ft container load qty10 sets10 sets8 sets8 sets
TypeA-alloy platform, Hot Dipping Platform, Steel  platform

C.The main purposes of the suspended platform

Exterior wall construction and decoration of high-rise building, installation of panel wall and structural members of exterior wall.
Repair, maintenance and cleansing of exterior wall of high-rise building.
Construction, inspection, repair and maintenance of large project, for instance: chimney, dam, bridge and head frame.
Welding, cleansing and oil-painting of large ship.
Fabrication and installation of bulletin board on buildings at heights.

D.Drawing of the suspended platform

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number: ZLP630/800
Material: Aluminum, Alloy,Steel with dipping Zinc,etc
Color: Silver / Red / Yellow,as your requirement
Length of platform: 1M-10M ( according to requirment)
Rated load:800kg
Rated speed: 9.0m/min
Counter weight: 1000kg
Safety lock: RB-A30
Rated Power(kw): 1.8*2
Suspended Gondola ,suspended platform: ZLP800,ZLP630