factory price SAJ30-1.2 safety monitoring device for construction hoist

Factory price SAJ30-1.2 safety monitoring device for construction hoist

A.Brand :SRIBS.

B.Type: SAJ30-1.2, SAJ30-1.6, SAJ40-1.6, SAJ40-1.2

Our main products are Pessenger hoist and spare parts like the motor reducer , mast section , safety device , SAJ serials pinion and cone progressive safety device is the most important safety device in the pinion and rack builders hoist, which can prevent the cage running over speed, and effectively reduce the cage dropping accident.Safety Device for Construction Building Hoist,Anti- fall safety device.The reason can be safely lift construction manned loading operation, mainly due to its anti-fall safety device is equipped, greatly improving the safety factor. At present, the construction site is widely used rack and pinion construction hoist people generally equipped with dual-use goods is tapered drum gear progressive anti-fall safety device.


1.Internal system drum and centrifugal speed limiting device adopt forging die processing, which can prevent the hidden danger brought by traditional pouring process.

2.Using domestic leading enterprises of sliding bearings and the Great Wall high-quality grease, The gear shaft increases the oil groove, and increasing silencing shock absorber, so greatly reducing the incidence of noise

3.It adopts the spring parts and friction pieces professionally produced in China to ensure the stable braking moment and opening speed of the products.

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SRIBS
Model Number: SAJ30/ SAJ40/ SAJ50/ SAJ60
Passenger hoist spare parts: GJJ BAODA
Color: Red,Orange,Silver
Application: Construction Elevator
Certificates: ISO; CE
Rate action speed: 1.2 m/s
Rated braking load: 30 KN
Bolt: M14
Weight: 44/35 kg
Material: Steel
Name: Construction hoist safety device