electric suspended scaffold platform , aluminum alloy aerial work platform

Electric Suspended Scaffold Platform , Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work Platform

I.Suspended Platfonrm Identificatio

Suspended platform is a kind of aerial working equipment for loading people, by setting up suspension frame on the top of building, which is using steel wire rope along building’s vertical surface,and making up and down movement depends on electrical power.

Ⅱ.Main usages of suspended platform

A)For exterior wall construction or decoration for tall building, or installing exterior components.

B) FOR exterior wall maintenance and cleaning.

C) For big project, for instance, construction, inspection and maintenance of big jar, chimney, dam, bridge, well frame.

D) Big vessel’s sealing, cleaning and painting.

E) For installing advertisement board in high place.


Ⅲ.Suspended platform’s type, material and conponents

1. Platform, 2. Safe Lock 3. Suspension Machnism 4. counter weight, 5. Electric control system

I.Suspended Platfonrm Identificatio4

IIII Packing Details

V Whole set of basket parameters specification table and weight detail:

Property Model No.ZLP500ZLP630ZLP800ZLP1000
Rated load(kg)5006308001000
Lifting speed(m/min)9~119~118~108~10
Motor power(kw)2×1.5 50HZ/60HZ2×1.5 50HZ/60HZ2×1.8 50HZ/60HZ2×2.2


Brake torque(Km)16161616
Steel rope angle adjusting range(°)3°- 8°3°- 8°3°- 8°3°- 8°
Distance between two steel rope(mm)≤100≤100≤100≤100
Rated stretch of front beam(mm)1500150015001500
Suspending platformLockingAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloyAluminum alloy
Nr.Of platform rackSingle rackSingle rackSingle rackSingle rack
Nr.Of platform2333
Weight(kg)350 Kg375 Kg410 Kg455kg
Suspending mechanism(kg)2×175 Kg2×175 Kg2×175 Kg2×175 Kg
Counterweight(kg) optional25×30pcs25×36pcs25×40pcs25×44pcs
Diameter of steel rope(mm) / 9.18.6 / 9.1
Max Lifting height(m)300300300300
Motor rotation speed(r/min)1420142014201420
Voltage(v) 3PHASES/Single Phase220V/380V/








Detailed Product Description

Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Silver(Can By Customerized)
Finished: Painted, Hot Galvanized, Aluminum
Motor Power: 2*1.5, 2*1.8,2*2.2
Diameter Of Steel Rope: 8.3mm, 8.6mm, 9.1mm
Max Lifting Height: 300M
Voltage: 110/220/380/415/440/480
Motor Rotation Speed: 1420