100m 200m hire temporary suspended platform

ZLP630 ZLP800 ZLP1000 electrico andamios colgantes , hanging scaffolding , suspended rope platform

100m 200m Hire Temporary Suspended Platform

Platform is an alternative to traditional scaffold , reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, and the new high operating equipment can be reused. Currently , the use of the gondola building has become a trend , has been widely recognized in the construction of high-rise multi-storey high building facades , and curtain wall installation , construction and maintenance of clean exterior insulation and other high-altitude operations.

At the same time can be used for large tanks , bridges and dams and other engineering operations. The use of this product , you can avoid scaffolding . So that greatly reduce the cost of construction , construction costs only 28 % of the traditional scaffolding , and a substantial increase in work efficiency. Suspended Platform flexible operation , the shift is easy, convenient and practical, safe and reliable.

Technical parameters


Technical parameter
Rated load800Kg630Kg
Lifting speed8-10m/min8-10m/min
Platform Dimension L×W×H(mm)7500×720×13006000×720×1300
Lifting Height100 m100 m
Cable100 m100 m
Steel rope (diameter)9.1mm8.3mm
Safety lockPermission force of impact30KN30KN
Locking Cable Angle3°~8°3°~8°
Suspension mechanismFront beam overhang1.3~.1.5m1.3~.1.5m
Support adjustable height1.44~2.14m1.44~2.14m
20’ft container8 sets9 sets













What should you do when working on a suspended platform ?

Ensure that platform is installed and maintained according to job requirements, safety regulations, standards and the manufacturer's specifications.
Inspect all equipment before erecting and before each shift.
Use a separate safety harness attached to an independent life line for each worker. Maintain lanyard attachment at highest point possible.
Ensure that suspended platform roof beams and attachments are secure.
Ensure that the roof or parapet wall is structurally sound to support either outriggers or cornice hooks.
Check for kinked or damaged ropes.
Secure all ropes at anchor ends.
Ensure that all safety equipment, stops, override switches and brakes function properly.
Prevent contact between welding or grinding equipment and wire safety or suspension ropes.
Secure hand tools to the platform.
Ensure that power source is secured and properly grounded.
Secure platform when not in use.
Ensure that guardrails and toe boards are in place.
Extend suspension ropes completely to the ground or terminate with wire rope clips to prevent the stage from running off the end of the ropes.
Test by raising the fully loaded platform a few feet off the ground before going aloft.

What should you not do ?

Do not exceed platform load capacity.
Do not enter or leave the platform other than at ground level or at other safe access points.
Do not allow electric cables or connections to lie in gutters or other areas where water can collect.
Do not work near exposed electrical circuits or equipment.
Do not join platforms unless they are designed for this purpose.
Do not use damaged or defective equipment.
Do not alter, substitute or remove components of platform.
Do not use life line for raising or lowering tools or materials.
Do not move work platform unless all workers on it are protected by individual safety belts and lines.


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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Model Number: zlp800
working height: 100m
cable: 100m
rated loading capacity: 800kg
rated lifting power: 8
power: 1.8kw
locking cable angle: <=8
color: as your require
main market: all over the world
type: Hire Temporary Suspended Platform
size: as your order